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Yellow Sapphire Stone

  1. Yellow Sapphire is associated with Jupiter (Guru) Planet as per Indian Astrology.
  2. Yellow Sapphire Stone (variety of Corundum mineral species) is called Pukhraj in Hindi.
  3. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is worn in Ring or Pendant made of Yellow metal for Astrological reasons.
  4. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj stone) Price starts from ₹ 2,000 ($ 31.03)  per Carat and goes up to ₹ 50,000  ($ 775.67) per Carat as per the quality.

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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Price, Facts, Properties & Benefits

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Facts

Yellow sapphire is called ‘Pukhraj’ in Hindi. It belongs to corundum species. Sapphire comes in all colors, like Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj), Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Pink Sapphire, Purple Sapphire etc. If color is not specified, Sapphire means Blue Sapphire.

Red variety of corundum is given a special name – Ruby. So, all Color Sapphires including Ruby belongs to corundum species. Corundum also includes Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, Color Changing Sapphires & very desirable Pink-Orange Color Sapphire called ‘Padparadscha’

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Properties

Hardness : (Moh’s scale of hardness)
Optic Character : Anisotropic
Refractive Index (RI) : 1.760 – 1.778.
Birefringence : 0.007 – 0.010.
Specific Gravity : 3.99 – 4.01

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Quality

If you see a transparent and clear stone, there is a very fair chance that it is not real. All Natural gemstones have inclusions. Even the top-quality gemstones would have inclusions (although very less). Only synthetic (man-made) stones are free of natural inclusions (flawless).

What is the Price of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone?

Origin – Yellow sapphires occur in parts of Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand and Australia, although Sri Lanka is the primary source. Sri Lankan origin is considered to be the best and most expensive because of outstanding clarity and colour consistency, and it may cost between ₹ 15,000 and ₹ 30,000, while the Thailand or Bangkok yellow sapphires are more economical costing up to ₹ 5,000.

Clarity – Yellow Sapphire, in its best quality is absolutely clear for the naked eye.

Colour – It comes in all shades of yellow, ranging from bright yellow or lemon yellow sapphire with good colour consistency is more valuable than the ones carrying tint of green, gold or orange.

Carat Weight –When looking at the ‘rarity’ aspect of precious gemstones, size becomes an extended attribute with a direct influence on prices. However, the increase in size also heightens the chances of natural contamination, which is why Pukhraj price per carat increases drastically for cleaner, bigger pieces.

Price of this stone depends on its origin, colour, clarity, weight and treatment. All of these parameters are collectively looked into before calculating Pukhraj prices that cover a broad range from ₹ 2500 to ₹ 40000.

Cut – The way a stone is cut doesn’t just enhance its appearance but can cleverly conceal the inclusions as well. Moreover, stone wastage incurred in the processing of a gemstone gets reflected in its increased prices. Therefore, a faceted cut yellow sapphire costs more than round or oval ones.

Treatment – Artificial heat or colour treatment is done to inflate the market value of low-quality pieces. Untreated, unheated yellow sapphire is more valuable than synthetic, glass filled or lab created pieces. It is better to buy certified Pukhraj whether online or from a dealer.

Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone

Yellow Sapphire is a gemstone of planet Jupiter (Guru). It is a very powerful and beneficial stone. Jupiter can nullify the ill effects of other planets too. Yellow Sapphire can be worn by anyone as it does not have any side effects.

Jupiter is the significator of Education, Career, Marriage and Children. Strong Jupiter ensures Good Education, Good lifestyle and Good Family Life. A weak Jupiter can result in break in education, frequent job change, delay in marriage, Unhappy family life or delay in children.

A person with weak Jupiter also faces financial stress and emotional instability. If you have any of the problems mentioned above, then you must wear yellow sapphire.

People with Financial issues or dis-satisfactory Professional life must wear Yellow Sapphire. As per western astrology, It is also the birthstone for people born in the month of November. It is lucky stone for people who have Sagittarius and Pisces as Zodiac sign in their birth chart.

How to Buy Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)?

Shubh Gems deals in Certified Real Yellow Sapphires and Yellow Sapphire Jewelry. We provide holistic gemstone solution. We specialize in customized designer Yellow Sapphire Jewelry like Rings, Pendants and Bracelets in different metals – Gold or Panchdhatu alloys. You can visit our Exclusive store at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

We have a wide range of Natural Yellow Sapphires from Ceylon, Srilanka and Bangkok, Thailand. Shubh Gems is a direct importer of Yellow Sapphire from Srilanka and Thailand. Minimization of middlemen and agents allow us to provide the best quality, hand-picked yellow sapphires at the best price to you.

We energize and activate the gemstone so that it gives the best effect when worn for astrological benefits. We provide further guidance on after-care and maintenance of your gemstone jewelry.

We deliver our products all over the world. We provide Free shipping across India. Enjoy our secure and Fast Payment options and safe delivery services.

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone?

Yellow Sapphire should be worn on Thursday, which is the day for Jupiter. It is worn in Index finger and should be made in Yellow metal- Gold or Panchdhatu (alloy).

Men should wear Pukhraj it in Right hand while women can wear it in right hand or Left hand as per their choice. Yellow sapphire can also be worn as Pendant.

Day of Wearing Yellow Sapphire : Thursday
Metal for Yellow Sapphire : Gold or Panchdhaatu
Finger for Yellow Sapphire : Index Finger
Mantra for Jupiter : Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah

Where to Buy Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone?

Shubh Gems deals in Good Quality Certified natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire & other fancy color sapphires. Shubh Gems has the very wide collection of Blue sapphires & Yellow Sapphires. Buy Yellow Sapphire online with Laboratory Authentication Report at best price.

Buy Yellow Sapphire stone in India at Shubh Gems, New Delhi or order Yellow Sapphire stone online from anywhere.

Shubh Gems, India delivers Certified Natural Yellow Sapphire stone without any delivery charges. Shipping Free all over India. Call for details at +91-8010-555-111

Yellow Sapphire Mines: Sources and Origin

Currently, Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka are considered the best source of yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphires from Ceylon mines are called ‘Ceylonese or Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires. But in recent times the price of Sri Lankan yellow sapphires have shot up exponentially, making Sri Lankan sapphires unaffordable for many. Due to this, people are now opting for yellow sapphires of Thai origin, also called Bangkok or Thailand yellow sapphire’. Bangkok yellow sapphires offer better color tone and quality in the affordable range.

Bangkok yellow sapphires are widely accepted these days as they are considered equally beneficial astrologically and are superior in the overall look. These Bangkok sapphires have slight treatments for enhancing their quality. The treatments can range from first degree to severe treatment level.

Only first-degree heating is acceptable in Yellow Sapphire. Severe Treatments like Glass Filling, Dying, are strictly prohibited as it alters the basic physical properties of the stone. If you buy Bangkok Sapphire, You must ensure the stone has not undergone any treatment beyond slight heating of first degree. Always insist for Lab-report when you buy Yellow Sapphire. The Lab Report should clearly mention the Origin and Treatments (if any).

Shubh gems have a technical collaboration with Gemological and Jewellery Institute (GJI), India for the certification of gemstones. All our gemstones are Certified, Pure and Natural.

Wish you Luck in your life

Difference between Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Yellow Topaz & Citrine (Sunela). Click here to Read More

Know Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj in Hindi) belongs to corundum species. Sapphire comes in all colors, like Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Blue sapphire (Neelam), Pink Sapphire, Purple Sapphire etc. If color is not specified, Sapphire means Blue Sapphire. Red variety of corundum is called Ruby. So, all Color Sapphires & Ruby belong to corundum species.

Other varieties of corundum include Star Sapphire, star Ruby, Color Changing Sapphires & very desirable Pink-Orange Color Sapphire called Padparadscha from Sri Lanka. Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj stone is worn widely due to its great importance in Indian Vedic astrology. yellow sapphire stone is associated with Jupiter planet (Guru) as per Indian Vedic astrology. Yellow sapphire ring made of gold or alloy is worn on Thursday in the index finger. We make customized Yellow Sapphire Rings as per your requirement. Buy only certified natural Pukhraj stone for astrological reasons.

Yellow Sapphire, Corundum has a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Refractive Index (RI) value Range is between 1.760 – 1.778 & Specific Gravity (SG) range is 3.99 – 4.01. Ceylon, Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphires are good in Transparency & Luster and considered premium in the gemstone market. Sri Lanka has been a major source of sapphires for few decades. At present also, world’s best sapphires come from Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Sapphires commonly have inclusions like Zircon Halos, Rutile Needles & Included Crystals. When you buy Yellow Sapphire, always ask for laboratory report for its authenticity /Natural Origin. Pricing of Sapphires is a matter of comparison of their quality. Stones are graded carefully on quality parameters like Color Tone, Cut, Transparency / Clarity, Finish. Sapphires are normally heated to enhance their color & transparency. Slight heating is considered normal for sapphires by trade people.