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Pitambari / Neelambari (पीताम्बरी)

  • Pitambari & Neelambari are Parti Color Sapphire used for Astrological results as per Vedic Astrology.
  • Very rare variety of Sapphire Gemstones due to their Yellow - Blue combination.

Know Parti-Colored Sapphires (Pitambari & Neelambari)

Sapphires which have two or more different color tones in single stone are called ‘Parti- colored sapphires’. Pitambari & Neelambari are the sapphires (Variety of Corundum) having dual color tones of Yellow and Blue in same stone. As per Vedic astrology, there are some rare combinations of planets in some horoscopes which require the person to have the effect of Jupiter as well as Saturn. The stone associated with Jupiter is Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) and Blue sapphire (Neelam) is associated with Saturn. Here one thing must be noted that yellow sapphire and Blue sapphire can’t be worn together as separate stones. Hence if a horoscope requires to empower both planets together then the person must wear Pitambari or Neelambri. Pitambari is the name given to those dual-colored sapphires of which major portion is yellow in color and a small portion is blue. These two colors should be distinctly visible in the stone. On the other hand, Neelambari are those sapphires of which major part is blue and a small portion of stone is yellow in color. Pitambari and Neelambari have same chemical, physical & optical properties but only differ in color. Sapphire comes in all colors but very few sapphires are parti-colored (Dual-colored) in nature. Since Pitambari and Neelambari are rare in nature, hence they command higher price than single colored sapphire. Pitambari or Neelambari stones are powerful gemstones and are mainly used for astrological purpose. One should always insist on buying certified sapphires. Shubh Gems deals only in Natural and certified Sapphires to ensure best astrological effect to the wearer. Buy Parti Colored sapphires (Pitambari or Neelambari) online or visit our exclusive Gemstone store in New Delhi, India.