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  1. Labradorite is a grey to greyish black feldspar, which displays a remarkable optical phenomenon unique to it, known as Labradorescence.
  2. The labradorescent effect creates stunning metallic spectral colors of bright blue, violet, green, red, orange and yellow-gold. The color display can resemble the iridescent pattern on a butterfly’s wing and typically appears as a blue or green sheen.
  3. Labradorite which shows blue and green flashes of spectral colors is found mainly in Labrador, Canada.

  4. Labradorite energises Throat chakra. It helps in expression and enhances communication. Labrodarite prevents the loss of Energy and protects the energy of Aura. It helps in Spiritual uplifment as well. This is a Good stone for people related to Religion or Public speaking.

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