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How to Place the Order for Gemstones online at www.shubhgems.in

FAQs about Ordering Gemstones, Ordering Ring or Pendant, Payment Mode, Shipping etc.


 1.    Visit the category page

As you land on the homepage- www.shubhgems.in. Visit the Category page of the gemstone that you wish to Buy.

This Page lists all the products with respective Price.

For Example, If you wish to buy Yellow Sapphire,


  1. Visit the Homepage > Natural Gemstones > Yellow Sapphire.
  1. The page lists a number of available products with their actual Pictures and prices.
  1. To read useful information about the product, scroll to the bottom of the respective page.


 2.    Select the Gemstone

  1. From the Category page, choose the product as per your choice, Budget and Requirement.
  2. As you click the product, you will also see the Description of the Product which includes details like Weight, Origin, Cut etc.
  3. All Pictures are actual Picture of the Product. Actual Product Pictures helps you in understanding the Product clearly.
  4. Our Website does not use ‘Reference Images’ which means the same stone is shipped to the buyer which is shown on the website.


 3.    Choose to Add Ring or Pendant (Optional)

  1. Here you also have an option to order the Gemstone with Ring or Pendant. If you wish to order only the gemstone (without Ring or Pendant), You may skip to fill this Field.
  2. If you wish to order the Gemstone with Ring or Pendant, You may select the metal of the ring from the scroll-down list. The price of each metal Ring or Pendant is also visible there. This price automatically adds to your order, once you select the Option.
  3. You can choose the Metal as per your requirement.
  4. Metal options which are available on website are – Gold, Silver, Panch-Dhatu, Asht-Dhatu and Copper.
  5. The Field next to it is ‘Ring-Size’. You can choose the Ring Size from the Scroll-Down List. If you are not aware about the Ring Size, you can choose ‘Free (Adjustable) Size’ from the options.


 4.    What are the Modes of Payment?

  1. You can make the Payment using Debit or credit Cards. Your Item is shipped once the payment is received.
  2. You may also make payment using Bank Transfer. For Assistance regarding Bank Transfer, Call us at +91-8010-555-111.


 5.   How to Choose Payment mode if located outside India?

  1. If you are Located within India, The System automatically guides you to Domestic Payment Gateway- CCAVENUE.
  2. In Case, you are located outside India, The Payment is automatically routed through International Payment Gateway- PAYPAL.


 6.   How to Add Ring or Pendant after the Order is Placed ?

  1. In case, you skipped adding Ring or Pendant while placing the Order online, you can email us to add the same (within 24 hours of placing the order).
  2. You must request to add Ring or pendant before the shipment of item.


 7.   How to choose the Ring Design?

We Design Rings with plain bands or the design which suits the stone best. We take good care about strength and aesthetics while making the Ring or Pendant. For any assistance, you may get in touch with SHUBH GEMS Team at +91-8010-555-111.
However, If you wish to choose a design by yourself. To suggest your preferred design, Place the Order for the gemstone first. Once the Order is confirmed, You may Visit the Ring Design Catalogue on our Website. The Complete Catalogue for Ring Design is available at https://shubhgems.in/gemstone-ring-designs. Each Design has a unique Design Number. You may select the design from the Catalogue and write to us at gemcraft2009@gmail.com mentioning the desired Design Number along with your Order number.

In Case, you ordered for gemstone only and later change your mind to make it into a Ring or Pendant, you may do so within 24 hours of placing the Order. You can request for adding ring or Pendant by writing to us at gemcraft2009@gmail.com. If you have any design preference, please choose from our catalogue and mention the design number in your email.


 8.   What is the Delivery Time for Order?

The Delivery takes 3-5 days for locations within India. For delivery outside India, it takes 7 -10 days. We Provide a tracking number, once the item is dispatched. The Tracking Number of your order enables you to track the status of Delivery.