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Coral Gemstone

  1. Coral is an organic Gemstone, called Moonga in Hindi.
  2. Red Coral is desirable for its Color & Astrological Benefits.
  3. Coral Gemstone Price starts at ₹ 500 ($ 8.00 ) per Carat and goes up to ₹ 5,000( $ 72.00) per Carat as per the quality (Color, Clarity, Cut, Shape).

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Red Coral (Moonga) Stone Price, Facts, Properties & Benefits

Coral (Moonga) Stone Facts

Coral is an organic gemstone. It is derived from under the Sea. Chemically, Coral is Calcium Carbonate with small percentage of Magnesium Carbonate & traces of Iron Oxide. Coral comes in different colors, primarily in the shades of Red, ranging from Pale Pink to Dark Red. Coral also comes in White & Black Colors. Natural coral has wood grain like fibrous pattern and tiny cavities on its surface.

Coral (Moonga) Stone Properties

  1. Transparency: Opaque
  2. Hardness: 3.5 on Moh’s Scale
  3. Refractive: 1.48 – 1.68
  4. Specific Gravity: 2.60 -2.70,

Coral (Moonga) Stone Quality

The deep red color is most desirable in coral than any other color like Orange, White or Black. A Good Quality Opal should have perfect Red hue without any secondary tone. The Price of coral increases with increase in carat weight as bigger stones are rare. Coral comes in various shapes like Triangular Coral, Oval-shaped Coral and Capsule-shaped Coral. Oval shape and triangular shapes are more expensive than capsule shape. As Coral is an opaque stone, so its surface finish and Color mainly defines its quality. Coral should not have any Dent, Crack or discolored patch on its surface. The Color should be uniform throughout the surface of coral gemstone. As per astrology, Corals with Black lining, stains or spots on its surface should be strictly avoided.

Coral (Moonga) Stone Price

As per the Current market trend in India, The acceptable quality of Coral stone price should start from Rs. 500 per carat. The Top Quality Coral stone can cost around Rs. 5000 per carat in fancy shapes. These prices are according to the current market prices of ring-sized coral stones, that is around 4 -7 Carat in India. Coral prices are further increasing internationally due to restrictions on coral mining worldwide.Price of Coral depends majorly on its Color, Size, Shape and Surface finish.

Coral (Moonga) Stone Benefits

Coral is called ‘Moonga’ in Hindi. It is associated with Planet ‘Mars’. Wearing Coral enhances the effect of Mars on one’s life. Mars is considered as ‘Commander-in-chief’ among all planets. It is Aggressive, Intelligent, Active, Dutiful, courageous, Brave, Disciplined and Confident. Wearing Coral as per Vedic guidelines activates these properties in the person. Mars is related to Blood, Immune system and Sexual health of the person. People with weak health related to blood related disease or disorder or people who fall sick frequently or people with low sex drive should wear Coral Gemstone. Mars is also significator for Marriage, Children and Career. Coral is also beneficial for people who are into business related to Land like Real Estate, Agriculture, and Farming etc.

How to Buy Natural Coral (Moonga) ?

How to Wear Coral (Moonga) Stone ?

Tuesday is the day for Mars. Hence Coral is worn on Tuesday only. It can be studded in Gold, Silver or Copper metal. If worn as ring, Men can wear Coral in Ring-finger of Right Hand while Women can wear in any hand as per choice and comfort. If not ring, coral can also be worn as Pendant.

  1. Day for wearing Coral: Tuesday
  2. Metal for wearing Coral: Gold, Silver or Copper
  3. Finger for wearing Coral: Ring Finger
  4. Mantra for wearing Coral: Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah

Where to Buy Coral (Moonga) Gemstone?

Shubh Gems deals in Certified Natural and Un-treated Corals. You can buy coral gemstone online or visit our exclusive outlet in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. For any assistance, Call +91-8010555111. We also make designer Coral Rings and Pendants for Men and Women.

Coral Origin & Sources

Currently, The Best quality Corals come from Japan and Italy. Italian Coral is more preferred these days as they have more uniformity and depth in color than Japanese corals.Mining of corals has been restricted in major parts of the world as uncontrolled mining may cause damage to marine ecosystem.

Treatments in Coral

Due to sharp increase in Coral prices and rising demand, Synthetic and Treated-corals are widely available in market. Treatments like Waxing, Dyeing and Reconstructing are done to enhance the quality of inferior quality corals. These treatments hide the surface blemishes, cracks and improve the color of corals. These treated Coral are unethically passed-on to the end customer as Natural corals. One should always insist for Laboratory Report while buying coral. The Authenticity Report should be issued by a reliable Gemological laboratory and it must also disclose if any treatment is present.

We provide extensive guidance about how to wear coral as per Vedic Guidelines. For complete guidance, visit our exclusive Gemstone store at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi or call us at +91-8010-555-111

Coral Gemstone Rings, Pendants and Jewelry

We make customized designer Rings and Pendants for Men and Women as per your choice & purpose.

Know Coral Stone

Coral, (Moonga in Hindi ) Stone is an organic gemstone and is opaque. Corals come in various colors like Red, Orange, Black& White. Red Coral is most desirable & holds great significance in Indian Astrology. Red Coral, Moonga stone is worn for Mars Planet ( Mangal ) as per Vedic astrology. Coral Ring made of Copper or Gold should be worn in Ring Finger on Tuesday for astrological reasons. Always buy Coral stone with authenticity report of reputed gemological laboratory. Chemically, Coral is Calcium Carbonate with small percentage of Magnesium Carbonate & traces of Iron Oxide. Hardness is 3.5 on Moh’s scale. Refractive Index ( RI ) range is 1.48 – 1.68 & Specific Gravity (SG) is 2.60 – 2.70. Natural coral has wood grain like fibrous pattern and tiny cavities on its surface. When you buy Coral Stone online, always ask for Laboratory Report for its Natural origin as lot of imitation & reconstructed stones are available in market. Italian Corals & Japanese Corals are best in quality. Coral stone is normally cut as Cabochons. Coral gemstone comes in various shapes like Triangular, Oval & Cylindrical. Buy Pure Red coral stone in shape you like. Coral stone beads in string are also worn. Corals are also carved into ornaments. Shubh Gems deals in high quality Italian & Japanese Corals. Buy certified Natural Coral stone online at best price. Order your Customized Coral Stone Ring online. Buy Coral stone in India at Shubh Gems, New Delhi or order Coral stone online from anywhere. Shubh Gems, India delivers Certified Natural Coral stone without any delivery charges.