Rock Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

Natural Rock Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

Crystal ( Sphatik ) Mala

Rock Crystal (Sphatik) Mala

Carnelian & Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

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Color Orange & White
Weight/Size 8 - 10 mm
Shape/Cut Round Beads
Refractive Index 1.54-1.55
Specific Gravity 2.63-2.65
Country of Origin Madagascar
Finish Very Good
Shipping & Delivery Delivery within India (5-7 days), International Delivery (7-10 days), Free Shipping within India.
Certification Lab-Certified (Free Laboratory Report)
Description Certified Carnelian & Crystal Gemstone Bracelet with gem testing report of reputed gemological laboratory
Benefits Provides Good Healing benefits to the user.