Birthstone for 21st June to 22nd July

Know the lucky stones and birthstones for the Cancer Sign!

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In order to fully understand and know, what gemstones and healing stones suit the sign of cancer zodiac sign, it is crucial to know about the personality traits and qualities of this sign along with their goals and values in life.

Who are Cancer natives?

People who are born under the months of 21st June to 22nd July are said to be falling under the fourth sign that is Cancer sign and are hence known as the cancer natives. A cancer native will be extremely sensitive, even-tempered and homegrown.

The sign of cancer is ruled by the element of water and hence is under the influence of the moon and the sun. Cancer natives have the dominant and distinctive quality of being empathetic, responsible, sensible and sympathetic.

As a Cancerian, you must have the question in mind, which is the best stone for Cancer? But, worry not, here in this article, we will discuss Cancer birthstone personality and which stone is good for Gemini:

The birthstone of Cancer Sign:

Being a Cancer by the zodiac sign, you must be curious to know what the birthstone for the Cancer sign is and the answer to this question is ruby cancer birthstone. Ruby is officially the best stone for the Cancer natives and suits them perfectly.

If a cancer native wears this ruby stone, it will bestow the wearer with an enhanced and increased strength in the heart by giving him/her a greater intellectual and rational capability.

The semi-precious stone of Ruby will further assist the cancer native with upgraded and concentrated sexual energy. It will at the same time inspire and motivate the Cancerian individual to take up good deeds in the world.

Other birthstones of Cancer Zodiac Sign:

However, besides the stone of Ruby, there are other birthstones for the Cancer which are highly suitable and beneficial to them and some of them are moonstone, pearl, cat’s eye, emerald and heliotrope.

Moonstone: As the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moonstone has a strong and special connection to be beneficial and influential to the cancer natives. The stone will help the wearer to take control of the uncontrolled and unmanageable mood swings of this sign and helps to absorb the extra lunar energy by attracting new energy and positivity.

Emerald: This stone will help to eliminate melancholy and stress in life. It will bestow the wearer with financial bliss and luxury. Further, it will make the Cancer native less stressful, and suspicious about life.

Lucky stone for Cancer Woman:

The most beneficial and lucky stone for Cancer woman is the stone of pearl and is known to be a great absorber of the negative energy. The pearl can help the cancer woman to stay away from the shadows of the past and save her from negativity and the evil eye.

Lucky stone for Cancer Man:

Talking about the Cancer Man, the lucky stone for Cancer man would be an emerald. An emerald would help the Cancer man to be more energetic, strong, self-assured, independent, and mostly as leaders in the society. It is a powerful stone for them which will help them break free from the negativity and assist them to make a strong mark in the society.

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    I m cancer women I want emrald and pearl pls tell me how much ratti is best for me and which metal is good silver aur which fingure I m wear much the price of these stones


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