Lucky Birthstone for leo Zodiac Sign

The complete guide for the birthstones and lucky stones of Leo Sign!

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In this article, we are going to discuss all lucky stones, healing stones and birthstones of the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle that is Leo (Leo Birthstone). This will be helpful to make out better decisions by knowing the best and most influential and effective healing stones for the astrological sign of the Leo.

As a Leo by sign, you must be concerned and curious to know which is the lucky stone for Leo, so let us discuss this in detail:

Who are Leo natives?

People who are born under the time period of 23rd July to 22nd August are said to be falling under the astrological sign of the Leo and hence are known as Leo natives.

The dominant and general qualities and traits of Leo sign are being passionate, short-tempered, persistent, firm determined and ambitious.

The sign is ruled and influenced by the Sun and therefore they have a tendency to attract people with their magnetic charm. Now let us get on to know what stones Leos should wear?

The Birthstone of Leo

The astrological sign of the Leo is ruled by the planet of Jupiter and therefore it makes them as powerful leaders and likes to give orders and instructions to people around them. They are generally stubborn and would like to make their own set of rules in life.

The Leo birthstone Peridot is extremely beneficial and effective to the Leo natives for bringing the much-required development and happiness in life.

Other birthstones for Leo

There are a huge variety and other birthstones of Leo which are highly beneficial and influential for bringing them positivity and happiness in life. Some of the other birthstones of Leo are Amber, topaz, onyx, carnelian, topaz, ruby and diamond.

Amber stone: The Leo lucky stone name is Amber and it is an extremely good stone for Leo natives and acts as a lucky mascot according to their horoscope and astrology. This stone further helps the Leo natives to become more cheerful and generous in life. It aids in enhancing their self-confidence and optimism.

Topaz: As per the astrology, the August birthstone for Leos is Topaz. It gives the Leo natives the much-required optimism by banishing the profound hatred and anger in their personality. The wearer of this stone also gets to become more beautiful & attractive with enhanced wisdom and intellect.

Lucky Stones for Leo Woman

You must be curious to know what crystal is for Leo woman. The answer to this is a Jasper stone. A jasper stone ring is highly beneficial for a Leo woman and can be taken as a good charm.

The other lucky stones for Leo woman would be yellow sapphire, amber, golden quartz, heliodor, flints and zircon.

Lucky Stones for Leo Man

One of the lucky stones for Leo man would be Sardonyx. It will help them to achieve and attain more of success and ambition in life. The other good stones would be alexandrite that will help them to be more self-confident by bringing the positive qualities at the forefront.

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