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How to buy good quality Gemstones in Limited Budget?

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As per astrology, a good and high-quality gemstone that is suitable to your horoscope is capable of changing your life for all better and best. Therefore, it is highly important to make a purchase of only an authentic, original and high-quality gemstone if you wish to see favorable changes in your life as expected and desired.

But sometimes while opting for a high-quality gemstone, we face the constraint of a limited budget. To make a purchase of a good quality gemstone within a limited budget, you must be aware of what to consider and what not. Here are a few pointers and factors that will help you to make a better and informed choice about how to know if a gemstone is of good quality?

The price is dependent on the color, weight (carat) and transparency:

To know if a gemstone is perfect, you must look for the color. It should have the perfect and desired color and hue as per it is prescribed by your astrologer. An ideal and typical colored gemstone would cost a little higher as compared to the ones with the lighter and pale color tones in the market.

Also, it should be known that the price of the gemstone will simultaneously increase with an increased weight of the stone. It is like, the more the carats it weighs, the more it will cost (Price per unit) in the market.

The other notable and important thing that you should keep in mind while selecting a right and suitable gemstone is to know that it should not have minimum inclusions (Visible Lines, Spots etc). Natural gemstones will always have at least a few inclusions. A fully transparent gemstone would be priced as the highest in the market for its high quality of being transparent without any eye-visible inclusions. It is however important that there should not be any negative inclusions. There are certain inclusions which are considered negative as per astrological Point of View. For Example, Any Surface Crack or a Major Black Spot, colorless knots etc. You must always avoid such negative inclusions while buying a gemstone for astrological purpose.

The weight matters even if the quality remains as same:

All the above parameters colour, transparency and carat matter a lot for the correct pricing of gemstone in the market. But, you should also keep in mind that the price will increase with the increase in weight of the gemstone, even if the quality is the same. Here we are talking about the Price per unit. Therefore, if you are having a limited budget, the first preference should be given to the color of the stone, it should be the ideal and prescribed color of the gemstone, as per astrology.

The next thing to keep in mind is to look out for the clarity and transparency of the gemstone. The more transparent the gemstone is the chances are that it will be highly placed and priced in the market. The reason for this being, that a transparent gemstone with lesser inclusions will be known for its Brilliance, Lustre, Purity, Rarity and all of this contributes to it being of the highest quality all in all.

Therefore, we suggest you to first make the colour of the gemstone as top most selection priority. Then, choose for a transparent and clear gemstone if you have further budget on this. Also, always prefer a smaller gemstone in weight of a good quality, then to choose and go for a bigger gemstone of size and carat in an inferior quality.

The Ratti weight as suggested by Astrology:

While selecting a gemstone, we all generally follow the trend of going by the person’s body weight. But, it is just a myth which is just being lamely followed without any convincing logic behind this. Our Scriptures has not suggested any such guideline. Wearing a gemstone in proportion to Body Weight is just a trend which has become popular, This Trend is not as per Vedic Scriptures.

If we go by astrology trends, it has never mentioned such things to consider. It is being blindly followed and considered that the ideal weight of the gemstone should be calculated by taking 1 Ratti of gemstone weight for 12 kgs of a human body weight.
This Theory fails to answer several questions. It should also be known that the Ratti weight usually differs in different states of the country. For example, in Punjab, one Ratti is equal to 0.120 grams, while in other states, one Ratti may weigh 0.180 grams. Does that mean that the stone’s intensity and power would vary as you move from one region to another?

If you have been recently prescribed to wear a gemstone by an astrologer to improve your life in a certain way, then you must know that one of the most important things that you should note, that the gemstone should always touch your skin to show favorable results as desired. It should be of perfect size, color and transparency to change your life for the better. By wearing a perfect gemstone as recommended, you will start experiencing results in a matter of a week or to a maximum of 6 months time.


You can Optimise Gemstone Budget considering the following facts:

  1. Opt for smaller weights rather than Bigger weights. Choose between 5 Carat to 8 carats to optimize Budget without compromising on effects.
  2. Instead of searching for cleanest gemstone, opt for Gemstone with good color and few acceptable-inclusions. Just avoid few negative inclusions (mentioned above). Rest all inclusions are an integral part and do not hamper the effectiveness of the Gemstone.
  3. Look for Quality first, Avoid paying higher for Origin. Some gemstones are Priced higher just because they come from a particular Origin. A Good Gemstone will serve your purpose irrespective of its Origin.
  4. Find a Reliable Gem Dealer who has minimized supply chain. Gem Price increases exponentially as it is passed on from one middleman to another. This raises the price of Gemstone manifold.

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