How To Buy Best Gemstone in Limited Budget?

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Let us understand how price varies with Color, Transparency and Weight.

If a gemstone has perfect color, it is considered good in Quality and higher in price. Perfect color means Pure Hue, attractive Tone & medium Saturation.

If a stone has fewer inclusions, then the stone would have good clarity and Transparency. Good Transparency also raises the price of Stone.

As the Weight of Stone increases, the price per carat increases (for same quality). It means if we take two yellow sapphire stones of same quality. One is 5 carat and other one is 7 carat, then the bigger stone of 7 carat would have a Higher Price/carat. This is because bigger stones are rarer than smaller ones.

More is the Carat weight; more is the rate per Carat, if quality remains same.

Color, transparency and Weight, all these there parameters majorly decide the Gemstone Price. If you are looking to Buy Gemstone in a Limited Budget, give first preference to the Color. The Color should be perfect as mentioned above.

If you have further budget, you should look for better Clarity/transparency. More transparent stones have better brilliance & life.

It is important that you look for Fine quality Gemstone instead of bigger Quantity (Carat Weight) stone. It is preferable to buy a smaller gemstone of fine Quality than a bigger stone of inferior quality.

How many Ratti to wear for Astrology

There is a popular trend to wear Gemstone weight as per individual’s Body weight. But it is just a trend without any logic; Astrology has never mentioned any weight instructions. Trends have developed as a result of personal beliefs of astrologers. Some astrologers suggest to wear as per the Rule – ‘1 ratti per 10Kg of body weight’ while some astrologers suggest weight based on Numerology.  It is to be noted that Ratti is not universal, standard unit of weight. Like in Punjab state, one Ratti is equal to 0.120 Gram, while in few states, Ratti is considered as 0.180 Gram. It could be considered differently in other states.

How to choose the Right Gemstone for astrology?

Ideally, The Stone should be big enough that it can be fixed in a Ring or Pendant and should touch the skin. Size of Stone should not be too big as it is not comfortable & practical to wear. When you buy a gemstone, keep below instructions in mind,

Gemstone should be Natural.

  • The Color of Gemstone should be appropriate, not too dark and not too light.
  • Gemstone should not have large dark/black inclusions.
  • Gemstone should not have Cracks or cavities on the Surface.

Therefore, If Budget is a constraint; one must go for smaller size but a better Quality. Such small size stone can give far more satisfying results than a big size but inferior quality stone.

“A Smaller Sized but Fine Quality Gemstone makes much more sense than a bigger sized gemstone of inferior Quality”


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