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healing crystals benefits according to zodiac sign

Healing Crystal Beginning Guide

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The power of healing crystals works to release physically, mentally stress and negative vibes. It reduces the positive energy blockages and facilitating the free flow of positive energy all over the body.

In the medical world, crystals are used for healing diseases and penetrating positive energy throughout the body. It is also believed that, people who keep crystals in living home to keep and maximize good energy.

The healing properties of crystals balance the body, mind, and spirit. Formed within inside the earth, these gemstones have an immense amount of good energy that transforms the individual’s life when they use crystals for healing.

The vibrant and intense color of crystal not only heal the body but also look attractive when people wear it.  If you are new to the crystal world, no worries, you have come to the right place. Read below to find out all you need to know about crystals for beginners.

How healing crystal works?

Over the last few years, the researchers have revealed that the working methodology of crystals. Just like magnate is used to attract and repel the iron, healing crystal energy work in the same direction. When you wear a small piece of crystal, your energy transforms, vibrate, transforms, pluses moves and keep your mind stress free and body healthy. You can attune your crystal for a variety of purposes like for love, wisdom, wealth, health and good fortune in life.

Each Zodiac Sign has a crystal that goes with it and here’s yours:

  • Aries:

Generally, Aries suffers from anger, to reduce the anger it is recommended to wear bloodstone.


    •  This crystal not only reduces self-ego but also dispelling negativity.
    •  It also good for the heart and realigning energy between the gut, where fear resides.
  • Taurus:

Taurus people always paralyzing between emotional and particle decision. Rose Quartz is a gem that is used to heal the emotional pain and disappointment.


    •  This crystal energizes you and makes you mentally strong in tough times.
  • Gemini:

It is believed that Gamins always find live alone and sticking to one thing and they are the reserve. The citrine is an excellent crystal which smoothes the family problems and heals interpersonal relationships.


    •  It reduces stress reliving vibes will certainly feel like nirvana to a chaotic mind.
  • Cancer:

Cancer people suffer a lot of family dysfunction, especially from their mother. The moonstone crystal come with famines energy, which makes a relationship with family member healthy.

Usage :

    •  This crystal energy encourages you to forgive others.
    •  It connects you to your divine famine.
  • Leo:

Leo people need constant attraction and when they don’t get it, they become angry. Black onyx is a powerful stone for healing mental emotions.


    •  It gives you to breathe easier and relax your body.
    •  It gives you balance, concentrating and protection life.
  • Virgo:

Virgo people suffer from mental problems like depression and anxiety. Peridot is a crystal of transformation, which heals their mental problems.


    •  Peridot is a stone of light that reduces your mental stress.
  • Libra:

Libra people generally suffer from co-dependency. And weak in decision making. Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for them, it gives inner peace and gives the confidence to make a decision.


    •  Give you the power to solve or deal with the problems.
  • Scorpio:

Scorpios are obsessive and have a tendency to shut down their sexual urges in unhealthy ways. Yellow topaz is the best crystal for them.


    •  Increase personal willpower and strength.
  • Sagittarius:

These people have a fear of commitment. For them, Ruby stone is a great transformation.


    •  Increase the passion with the relationship.
    •  Have protective power that enables these people to blaze their tails safely.
  • Capricorn:

These people are career obsessed and avoid interpersonal relationships. Tiger’s eye crystal is the best crystal form that enables you to balance relationships with career.


    •  This crystal shift your outlook.
    •  Allows you to deeper understand yourself.
  • Aquarius:

These people do small mistakes and never want to listen to facts. For them, hematite is an excellent crystal.


    •  It boosts your self-confidence.
    •  Reduce all your negative beliefs.

How to buy crystal?

To try it yourself–stroll around a gem shop and simply pick whatever precious stones stand out to you. If you feel a heartbeat from a specific gem that is an extraordinary sign that that precious stone may contain healing property than buy it.

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