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Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone Price Guide

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Blue sapphire is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential gemstones, especially for astrological uses and associated benefits. It is further known for its other benefits, which makes it as the most worn gemstones for its healing, beauty, protection and other uses and benefits. Blue sapphire or “Neelam” as it is called in Hindi is a precious gemstone and therefore has a good command and value in the market.

If you wish to buy blue sapphire for any particular reason, the most important thing you must keep in mind before making a purchase is that you are buying it a fair price and if the gemstone is real and authentic. Therefore, it is highly recommended that before buying, you must gain yourself a little knowledge about how blue sapphire pricing is done and how it can vary in the market. Just like the other gemstones available in the market, blue sapphire price per carat is also dependant on four major parameters which are also commonly known as the 4C’s (colour, carat, Carat weight and cut).

However, there are other factors also which heavily influence and cater to the pricing of blue sapphire such as the origin place of the gemstone, rarity and demand in the market. Therefore, to make your purchase of a blue sapphire an easy process, we bring you the following important factors which you should always consider and keep in mind before buying it.

How Origin is an important factor to decide the price for Blue Sapphire?

While pricing the correct price for a blue sapphire gemstone, the most important criteria that play a big role in the origin of the place of the gemstone. As per the general rule, a certified and authentic blue sapphire from a particular origin will always cost high as compared to the ones from an undefined origin of place, even if you can see no big difference in the quality of both the gemstones.

Mostly and generally, the most highly priced blue sapphire gemstones are from Kashmir, Ceylon and Burmese. The value of these blue sapphire gemstones will always remain higher as compared to the ones with the origin of Bangkok and Thailand, because in most of the cases the blue sapphire gemstones have the origin of Kashmir (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Burma (Myanmar).

The cost of Kashmir Blue Sapphire Per carat:

The Kashmir blue sapphire is one of the most popular and wanted blue sapphire gemstone because of its superior colour, highest quality, rarity, good clarity and transparency and its soft and velvety sheen and texture. All these factors contribute to the high pricing of a Kashmir blue sapphire as amongst the others available in the market. Generally, the cost of an original and authentic Kashmir blue Sapphire can range between 1.25 lakh per carat to 5 lakh per carat that is further dependent on its quality and texture finish.

The cost of a Burmese Blue Sapphire:

The blue sapphires originated from Burma are known to be having the finest quality amongst all available in the market. In India, the pricing of a Burmese blue sapphire cost between Rs. 25,000 per carat to Rs. 5 lakh per carat and can even go higher than that. As the quality, transparency, clarity, texture increases, the price also increases along with all these factors.

The cost of Sri Lanka or a Ceylon Blue Sapphire:

A Sri lanka originated blue sapphire is extracted from the popular mines of Ratnapura and are known to be producing the most qualitative and finest gemstones all around the world. The blue sapphire from Sri Lanka is therefore considered of a high and supreme quality. The price of a Ceylon blue sapphire can range from Rs. 2000 per carat to Rs. 32,000 per carat, which is further dependant on the quality.

The 4C’s of Blue Sapphire plays a big role in the pricing factors:


A gemstone of blue sapphire comes in a wide variety of blue colour and therefore, for this same reason the colour of the blue sapphire heavily influences and contributes to its pricing in the market. The richer and darker shades of blue sapphire such as vivid blue and cornflower blue are mainly from the origins of Kashmir and are heavily priced for its premium quality and colour. However, the brighter shade of the blue sapphire gemstone such as midnight blue is the most popular and demanded quality in the market and therefore, it fetches a good pricing for its unique demand.

Carat of Blue sapphire:

While wearing any gemstone, it is important to know how many carats or ratti is the ideal weight of the stone. The power of gems is entirely dependent on its weight and size and ideally it is said and observed that one carat for 12 kgs is perfect that is a 60 kg person should wear 5 carat of blue sapphire ring. The price per carat of the blue sapphire increases with the increasing carats.

Cut of the gemstone:

The cut is also very important while fixing the price of a blue sapphire gemstone or any other gemstone as well. the cut and finish of the stone depicts the quality and sheen of the gemstone and therefore the more finished and smooth the gemstone, the more pricing it will have in the market.


One of the most important and significant factors that play a big role in the pricing of the blue sapphire gemstone is the clarity and transparency of the stone. A blue sapphire with clear, smooth, shiny, gliding texture with no fine lines and cuts will be sold at a higher price in the market as compared to the ones with fewer lines and impressions.

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