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birthstone for Scorpio zodiac sign

If you are a Scorpio, here is a list of your birthstones and lucky stones!

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One of the most complicated, high energy driven, focused, passionate and fiery sign is undoubtedly the sign of Scorpio zodiac sign. If you belong to this representation of highly enthusiastic people and therefore at the same time curious to know what is the birthstone of Scorpio, then this is an article just for you.

Who are Scorpio natives?

People who are born between the time periods of 22nd October to 21st November are said to be falling under the zodiac category of Scorpio sign and hence are called as Scorpio natives. These natives can usually be recognized with the dominant traits of being selfish, revengeful, aggressive, ruthless, secretive and stubborn. Scorpio sign is ruled and influenced by the planet Mars and the lucky stones for Scorpio sign would be crystals, amethyst, tiger’s eye, rock crystal, blood jasper and serpentine.

Birthstone of Scorpio Sign:

The official birthstone of a Scorpio sign is Topaz and it is ruled under the governance of planet Mars. However, this zodiac sign also responds very well to the stones of Aquamarine, Beryl, amethyst, tourmaline and opal. The ritual of gifting these stones for Scorpio stone dates back to thousand years.

Other stones of Scorpio Sign:

Scorpios are known for their never-ending mood swings and to keep these frequent mood swings in balance, one of the best stones that are advised to them is a coral. It will help them to keep a check on their negative emotions and assist them to cope up with the tragedies and failures in life. The other stones of Scorpio Sign are opal, cat’s eye, carnelian and hematite.

Cat’s eye: The stone of cat’s eye will help the Scorpios to be protected against the evil and negativity around them. Further, the stone will assist these natives to become more confident, courageous, brave and optimistic in life with an approach to achieve bigger and better in personal and professional life.

Hematite: Another very good amulet for Scorpio individuals are hematite stones. This particular crystal will help the Scorpio natives to better express and enhance their feelings and emotions concentrating and keeping a balance of the sexual energy.

Lucky Stone for Scorpio Woman:

The most influential, effective, beneficial and lucky stone for Scorpio Woman is topaz embedded in white metal in a ring. The stone of topaz will help the Scorpio woman’s natural scepticism by enabling them to know about the signs of fate and destiny and further help them to develop a strong sense of intuition.

Lucky Stone of Scorpio Man:

Talking about the beneficial and lucky stones of Scorpio man is Beryl and Red coral stone. It will help the Scorpio man to control the excessive anger and resentment in a heart. It will help them to empower the feelings of strength, confidence, courage, firm determination and will power.

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