Birth stone according to Aries Zodiac

Aries Birthstone : How to choose a Lucky Birthstone for Aries | March 21st-April 20th

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Are you born between March 21st to April 21st, then you are an Aries by zodiac sign astrology and science? Well, there is good news for all Arians. In this article, we are going to discuss Aries lucky birthstones list and how these can help and benefit the native-born under the sign of Aries. The list of Aries birthstones will help you to make better judgment and acquire knowledge about the birthstones that are specifically attributed to the zodiac sign of the Aries.

The Aries birthstone list includes the following stones and gemstones:

Amethyst, Anyolite, Apache Tears, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Axinite, Bixbite, Bloodstone, Citrine, Crocoite, Datolite, Diamond, Dravite Brown, Tourmaline, Emerald, Fire Agate, Magnesite, Magnetite, Sardonyx, Stellerite, and stilbite.

Amethyst Stone for Aries: These amethyst stones are known to embody the energy and vibration of the Violet flame that is a potent spiritual healing method that majorly assists to develop the habit of self-healing. These stones further aid in developing intuitive and psychic abilities. Amethysts are also wonderful stones to help in meditation by settling and calming the mind making it void of the stress and anxiety.

One of the most beneficial and influential and lucky stone for Aries Rashi would always remain a sparkling diamond. You can also choose garnet, ruby and diamond as a good gifting option for Aries birthstone necklace.

Anyolite for Aries: These are also known with other names such as Green Ruby or Ruby in the Zoisite. Just like any other green stone, these also vibrate strongly within the heart chakra and the above heart chakra. It is known to possess strong energy and vibration, and this helps out to create a cosmic creation between these two chakras.

How to choose a birthstone for Aries?

Astrologers of today and past would always admit that gemstones have a special cosmic effect on the zodiac signs and talking about Aries zodiac sign, the birthstone for Aries is diamond. However, the lucky stones for Aries woman would be garnet. It perfectly suits and matches up with the personality of an Aries. The most typical and suitable Aries birthstone personality would be ruby, amethyst and smoky quartz.

Also, according to Aries birthstone personality, wearing a bright and clear garnet will help the Aries native to find love and harmony, while the stone of Amethyst is known as a fidelity stone and can help to develop the female intuition, but it should also be noted that it will only be suiting to Aries birthstone personality only if it is in lilac colour and can be made as an Aries birthstone ring.

Which gemstone is suitable for Aries Man?

Talking about an Aries man, he will generally possess leadership qualities and skills and a ruby stone will help him to acquire and hone more of this quality in a positive direction. The generic trait of the Aries personality is that they can very well accept the position of a commander and leader at the work level. Therefore, gemstones like garnet and ruby will prove to be extra beneficial and as a lucky mascot for the sign of Aries.

If an Aries man wants to climb the ladder of success and simultaneously wishes to find him better at an aimed activity, then it is advisable to wear the Aries birthstone ring of garnet and diamond in the forefinger. Also, you can choose to buy these Aries birthstones as a gifting option in jewellery form of an amulet or even a pendant.

If the Aries man is suffering from a rigid and short temper, then it is suggested that he should wear the stone of Amethyst which will help him to control his anger and will protect him from excessive alcoholic intoxication.

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