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Aquarius and the birth stones

Aquarius and the birth stones associated with them

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Aquarius is the eleventh Sign of the Zodiac and Aquarius birthstone can change their life in a positive way. A symbol which denotes humane and humanity, this Sign is modern, independent and freedom-loving. It is said to be the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries.

Aquarius is very practical, and has a keen eye, for which it is easy for them to see through deception and betrayal. This zodiac is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus.

Aquarius-born is very supportive and encouraging. If you belong to this group and are keen to know what the birthstone is for Aquarians, then this is an article just for you.

Who are Aquarians?

People who are born between the time periods of January 21st and about February 20th are said to be falling under the zodiac category of Aquarius and hence are called as Aquarian natives.

This is so because during this time the sun is present over the winter constellation of Aquarius. The Main Element of Aquarius is the Air and the Symbol is a man emptying/ carrying a water pot commonly known as the Water Bearer. The Symbol denotes: Waters for life, the importance of fresh water to nurture the mankind on earth.

Some of the noticeable characteristics of Aquarians are Leadership skills, truthfulness, scientific, sincerity, and earnest, humane, cooperative, unbiased, inventive, philosophical, intuitive, pleasant, considerate and progressive.

What is the Birthstone for Aquarius?

The toughest planet, Saturn (according to astrology) is said to rule the Aquarian zodiac. Aquarians who can satisfy Saturn god and make him happy succeed in most places/phases of their life. The Blue Sapphire or ‘neelam’ is known to be the favorite of Saturn. Therefore blue sapphire is the birthstone for the Aquarians and wearing (preferably in gold ring) them on the middle finger of the right hand will definitely improve their life.

Other Lucky Stones for Aquarius sign

People belonging to this zodiac sign can also wear the following stones apart from the blue sapphire, in accordance to their needs in life, which will also depend on the circumstances they are going through.

The Zodiac sign of Aquarius includes stones like: amber, garnet, amethyst, moss agate, opal and sugilite. In addition to the Zodiac stones, turquoise is the planetary stone for Aquarius and Jasper as the Talismanic Stone.

Amber stone: it is effective in keeping the negative energy away from you.

Amethyst: acts as a healing stone. It will help you to overcome the guilt consciousness and sorrows from past.

Garnet:  it provides you with good health.

Hematite:  Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. It boosts up self confidence. It is also good for working of the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.

Lucky Stone for Aquarius Woman

For Aquarian females the more beneficial stones are Turquoise, agate, amethyst, and garnet.

Lucky Stone for Aquarius Man

Aquarius men should wear garnet, amethyst and jasper stone. These stones will change your life in a positive manner.

Choosing and wearing the right birthstone and other gemstones associated with your zodiac is very important. If you go wrong then the same beneficial stones can create havoc in your life.

Where to buy the gemstones?

Birth stone or any other stones should not be worn just for fashion. You must consult an astrologer before buying the stones and wearing them. The correct quantity and quality of the stones should be checked, which you can get if you buy the stones from a certified jeweler.

You can buy the stones from Shubh gems, since all there stones are authentic and original.


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