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How To Buy Best Gemstone in Limited Budget?

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Let us understand how price varies with Color, Transparency and Weight. If a gemstone has perfect color, it is considered good in Quality and higher in price. Perfect color means Pure Hue, attractive Tone & medium Saturation. If a stone has fewer inclusions, then the stone would have good clarity and Transparency. Good Transparency also raises the price of Stone.…

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Significance of Weight (Ratti), Inclusions & Color of Gemstone in Astrology

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The Rules of Astrology are clearly described in our ancient scriptures. Astrological Remedies are in the form of Mantra (Yagna), Aushadhi (Medicine) and Mani (Gemstones). Mantra, Medicine and Gemstones possess the power to cure all the diseases and Problems of the Human life. Gemstones are worn as per the planetary positions in the Horoscope and depending on the issues faced…

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Gemstone Weight Calculations

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Worldwide the standard unit used for weighing diamonds and gemstones is metric carat. It takes its name from the carob seeds, these seeds have a fairly uniform size and were used by early gem traders as counterweights in their balance scales. The modern metric carat was adopted by the internationally in 1913 and today a carat weighs exactly the same in every…

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