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How To Buy Best Gemstone in Limited Budget?

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Let us understand how price varies with Color, Transparency and Weight. If a gemstone has perfect color, it is considered good in Quality and higher in price. Perfect color means Pure Hue, attractive Tone & medium Saturation. If a stone has fewer inclusions, then the stone would have good clarity and Transparency. Good Transparency also raises the price of Stone.…

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Confused between Karat & Carat ???

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Lot of People get confused between the terms Karat & Carat. These words sound very similar but their meaning is totally different. ‘Karat ‘(K) is used to denote the Purity of Gold. The 100% pure Gold means 24K Gold. Similarly 18K means 75% purity of Gold & so on. The term ‘Carat’ is a unit of weight, used to weigh…

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