Best stone for Shukra ( Venus ) Planet…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal

Which is the best stone for Shukra (Venus) Planet?…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal.

Each Planet of the planetary system is designated with a Planetary Stone. For Example, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Emerald for Mercury and so on. Similarly, Venus (Shukra) is also designated with its Planetary Stone. But there is an exception to this; Venus is not designated with one planetary stone but three. Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal – All these three are suggested Planetary Stones for Venus.

This creates a lot of confusion when the native is suggested to wear the planetary stone for Venus. Hence we will compare all the features related to wearing these stones respectively.

Why people avoid wearing Diamond for astrological purposes?

Price: Diamond is the most expensive if compared to the price of Opal or White sapphire. Next Comes, the White Sapphire, while Opal is the most affordable among the three.

Astrological Dosh: Diamond comes in many qualities. As per astrological point of view, The Quality of diamond depends on its Color, Clarity and type of inclusions. Diamond is a beautiful and most durable stone. But Black spots are inherent to the nature of Diamonds. To avoid Black spots, one has to choose only the top-most quality Diamonds, which are free of any black spots/inclusions. Top Quality diamonds are rare and highly expensive.

Weight Restriction: The Size of Gemstone is very crucial while wearing gemstone for astrological purpose. Generally, The Suggested size of astrological gemstones varies anywhere between 4-7 Ratti. A Diamond of such weight would cost in several Lakhs even if you choose a low-quality diamond.

Feasibility: Ultimately, People opting for Diamond have to compromise with weight and generally end up wearing diamonds of few cents. It is not just affordability but another reason of wearing small sized diamond is ‘feasibility’ to wear.
Diamonds have needle-sharp pointed tip at the end called ‘Culet’. Astrological rings are made such that the gemstone touches the skin of the wearer. If the diamond is made skin-touching, the culet of diamond can cause severe irritation and harm to the skin in contact with the culet. This situation magnifies further for the bigger sized diamonds.

Testimonials: It is believed that Diamond also carry some negative energies along with their positive powers. The belief is further reinforced by stories of famous cursed diamonds. As long as Diamonds are not worn as per astrological procedure, it is fine. For example, Diamonds are suitable for jewellery but not for astrological purpose. Astrological rings are made differently than the jewellery rings.

How to choose between White Sapphire and Opal?

Pricing: Both the stones – White Sapphire and Opal are very positive stones. These stones are widely worn for Astrological purpose. The Major Difference between the two is – Pricing. White Sapphire is far more expensive while Opal is more affordable.

Beauty: Opal has attractive ‘Play of Color’ Optical Phenomenon called Fire, which makes it a beautiful stone. Sapphire is liked with its Transparency, Hardness, Durability and luster. It is purely a personal choice as they say ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

Popularity: Opal is gaining popularity with several of well-known politicians and celebrities sporting Opal Ring and even gaining benefits.

At the end, the choice between Opal and White Sapphire is entirely based on Personal Taste and Budget of the wearer.

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