Look Beyond the 4 C’s

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Fluorescence is one under-rated quality that highly affects the Price of a Diamond. But, Knowingly or un-knowingly , your jeweler will never tell you about it.

What is Fluorescence & How it affects the Quality of Diamond?

– Fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds emit when they are exposed to invisible Ultraviolet Rays.  Ultraviolet is an essential component of Day-light and hence Fluorescence largely affects the way a Diamond looks.

Is Fluoroscence Rare ?

NO, On an average 35-40% of Diamonds exhibit Fluorescence.

How does Fluorescence affect the Appearance of Diamond?

Strong Fluorescence may cause the Diamond to look Hazy or oily. But interesting fact is that little fluorescence can Enhancethe beauty of Diamond. This is the Catch, As jeweler might grade the Diamond high on 4C Scale and hide the presence of Fluorescence.

How to Check for Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is checked under Ultraviolet Scanner and trained Professionals can derive the accurate results. Insist the testing Laboratory/Jeweler to mention Fluorescence in certificate. Buy Diamonds only after consulting for correct Value by Third Party.

Visit GJI, www.gemcraft.in for accurate Diamond Grading Report

Consult for Valuation of Diamond while you buy Diamonds from the Jeweler.

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