How to Evaluate a Diamond ???

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Diamond is the most Valuable & Expensive Gem stone. But, how to value it & fix a Price to it ? Unlike other Commodities, the Pricing & Valuation of Diamonds is not that easy . The Price of Diamond is always per Carat. Also, More is the carat weight , More is the Rate per Carat. The Price of Diamond depends upon various factors. Not all Diamonds that are mined, are of Gem quality. The Diamonds are graded on the basis of four C’s i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat. The diamond has to be graded on these four C’s very carefully & accurately only by a Professional & Experienced Diamond Grader. You can Contact GJI Gemological Lab for Grading Services at or call at 011-41724700. GJI is a Trusted name for Gemological & Diamond Grading Services for the last two decades. The price of Diamond also depends on other factors like Demand, Supply, Production and Season & Place of Purchase. Round Brilliant is the most Expensive & Desirable shape/cut of Diamond. Other shapes than Round are known as Fancy shapes. As the diamond prices always appreciate due to scarcity of its sources & increasing demand, it is considered a very good investment option also. The confidence of customers in buying diamonds has really increased due to its durability, unmatchable beauty & appreciation over the time.

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