Frequently Asked Questions about Red Coral (Moonga)

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  1. What is Coral Gemstone?

    • Coral stone is one of the very few organic Gemstones like Pearl and Amber. It is an opaque gemstone. Coral is not mined from the earth. Coral is biologically formed and procured from Deep Ocean.
  2. What is coral meaning in Hindi?

    • Coral is called ‘Moonga’ in Hindi. Coral is an important astrological gemstone. Red Coral represents Mars (Mangal) Planet in Vedic astrology.
  3. What are Coral Gemstone Benefits?

    • Coral is the astrological gemstone of Mars – ‘Mangal’ planet as per Indian Vedic astrology.  It’s beneficial for businessmen & professional related to real estate, agriculture, mining, construction, military, surgery, athletics etc.  The diseases cured by Red Coral are heat stroke, headache, anemia, high fever, blood defects, piles, lack of calcium in the bones etc.
  4. Coral is worn for which planet?

    • This stone is associated with Mars (Mangal) Planet as per Indian Vedic astrology.  Mars is a masculine planet and radiated an intense & fiery energy. Mars governs Soldiers, warriors, athletes, pilots, farmers, miners, constructors and property dealers.
  5. Who should wear Coral gemstone?

    • Coral is recommended to people who have Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mars in a horoscope.  Coral is beneficial for people in the bus the ness of Mining, chemicals, weapons, Gold, Steel, construction, Agriculture, Land Property. The professionals in Police, Defense services, surgery, Dental treatments and architecture should wear Moonga stone for good opportunities. Lazy people should also wear Red coral stone.
  6. What is price of Coral Gemstone?

    • Coral price per Ratti vary from INR 500/- to INR 4000/- as per the quality.  Italian & Japanese corals are the best in quality.
  7. How to wear Coral gemstone in astrology?

    • Coral should be worn in Ring finger on Tuesday. Ring should be made of Copper, Gold or any other metal alloy like Panchdhatu or Ashtadhatu. You can also wear Mala (Rosary) of 109 beads of Red coral.
  8. How to buy Coral for astrological purpose?

    • Astrological Moonga gemstone should not have surface cracks and cavities. Stone should not have dull patches and black spots. Stone should be well polished.
  9. What is Procedure to wear Coral Stone?

    • Coral is worn in Ring finger on Tuesday. Ring should be made of Copper, Gold or other yellow metal alloys.
  10. Coral stone is worn in which finger?

    • Coral Stone should be worn in Ring finger on Tuesday for astrological benefits.
  11. What is Coral Gemstone quality?

    • As Coral is an opaque gemstone, so the gemstone quality mainly depends on color, surface finish and polish. Italian & Japanese coral stones are best in quality.
  12. Where to buy Coral gemstone?

    • Buy Certified Natural Coral stone from a trusted shop. Buy Coral with laboratory certificate for its authenticity. Shubh Gems deal in Certified Natural Coral stones & beads for astrological & Jewellery purpose.