Confused between Karat & Carat ???

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Lot of People get confused between the terms Karat & Carat. These words sound very similar but their meaning is totally different.
‘Karat ‘(K) is used to denote the Purity of Gold. The 100% pure Gold means 24K Gold. Similarly 18K means 75% purity of Gold & so on.
The term ‘Carat’ is a unit of weight, used to weigh Gems & Diamonds. The weight of Gem stones & Diamonds is always taken in Carat.
One carat consists of 100 cents also called points. 70 Pointer Solitaire means Diamond weight is 0.70 Carat. There are special weighing scales to take carat weight of precious stones. These scales need to be very accurate, precise & calibrated. Because even a small variation in weight can lead to big difference in their value & price. Also, In case of precious stones, ‘ More is the Carat weight, more is the rate per Carat’
1 Carat = 0.200 Gram
1 Carat = 200 mili gram
Or 1 Gram = 5 Carat

so, Karat & Carat may sound similar but their meaning is totally different. Do not be confused next time as its well explained here. For any further information, visit online at or call at +91-8010555111, Email at, Visit Shubh Gems at New Delhi, India

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