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Yellow Sapphire Stone Price, Benefits & Properties

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Yellow sapphire stone also known as ‘Pukhraj’ in Hindi belongs to Corundum family. As Per Astrology, it is the stone of Jupiter planet. It has many interesting benefits, which makes this stone very popular. The physical properties of this stone are also one of the reasons that make this yellow sapphire gemstone a very valuable & demanded gemstone. The yellow sapphire stone price is increasing rapidly…

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Frequently asked questions about Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone?

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What is Yellow Sapphire in Hindi? Yellow sapphire is the yellow variety of Mineral Corundum. Yellow sapphire Hardness is 9 on Moh’s scale of Hardness. Yellow sapphire is called ‘Pukhraj’ in Hindi. What are Yellow sapphire Benefits in astrology? Yellow sapphire is very good astrological gemstone. Yellow sapphire is primarily worn for Business, Career & professional growth. It brings wealth…

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Confused between Citrine (Sunela), Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

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Most of People get confused between similar looking stones like Citrine, Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire.  In Fact all three stones are completely different, with just one similarity of color. All there have different Physical, Optical & Chemical properties as listed in table below. Yellow Sapphire is the hardest and most durable among all three. Yellow sapphire is also more…

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