A Guide to Wear Pearl (Moti) for Astrology

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Why Pearl is worn? 

Pearl is a Gemstone for Moon Planet. Moon is a mother planet which provides care, protection and peace. It helps in maintaining mental balance & emotional stability and also ensures good health. It helps in overcoming Fears, Phobia and bad past experiences. It makes mind sharper, saves from bad company and protects from enemies/negative energies.

Types of Pearls 

The Varieties of Pearl which are commonly available in Market are- Chinese Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Japanese (Keshi) Pearls. Pearls comes in Various tones of white like Silver white, Creamish white, Pinkish white, Golden white etc.

How to choose Right Pearl? 

Among these, South Sea Pearls are the most Popular owing to its Good Quality & affordability. The Process of Formation of South Sea Pearls is purely Natural with minimal human intervention. On the other hand, Chinese Pearls are mass-produced with a lot of Human intervention during its formation. That is why, Chinese Pearls are least preferred as the process of its Formation is not 100% Natural. Japanese Pearls are the superior among these. Japanese Pearls are formed without any human Intervention. The Price of Japanese Pearls is high as compared to South Sea Pearls.
From the astrological point of View, Japanese Pearls are as good as Basra Pearls were considered. Basra Pearls were previously available in Market but now Basra Pearls are extremely Rare and mostly ‘Old & Used’ Basra Pearls are available in market.Also Basra Pearls are mostly available in small sizes & distorted shapes.Gem Dealer may ask exorbitant price even for such used & out of shape Basra Pearls.

Which is the best variety of Pearl astrologically?

Astrologically, Japanese Pearls or South Sea Pearls should be worn for Best results. Japanese Pearls are most superior in Quality & gives best results. South Sea Pearls are relatively affordable and gives equally good results.
Grey & Black Pearls are considered negative & should not be worn for astrological reasons.

How to check the Origin & Quality of Pearl?

Always insist for Lab-Certificate while buying Pearls or any other Gemstone.

What does Vedic astrology suggest about wearing Pearl?
Day of Wearing Pearl: Monday
Finger: Little Finger
Metal: Silver



Who Can Wear Pearl Beads?

Planetary Gems loses their effect when they are Drilled, Hence Pearl should be worn as an undrilled stone.

Where can Pearl be worn other than Finger?

Other than Ring, Pearl can be worn as Pendant, Bracelet or Armlet. But in any case, Pearl should be undrilled.

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