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Preferred Astrological Substitutes for Diamond

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Diamond is the Astrological Stone corresponding to Planet Venus. it is Birthstone for People born in April. It is one of the Nine major astrological stones. Due to the Price, People prefer to wear Astrological-Substitute of Diamond than the Natural Diamond itself. On an Average, People are prescribed to wear Diamond in the range of 1-2 Carat weight. A Medium Quality 1-2 Carat…

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Confused between Karat & Carat ???

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Lot of People get confused between the terms Karat & Carat. These words sound very similar but their meaning is totally different. ‘Karat ‘(K) is used to denote the Purity of Gold. The 100% pure Gold means 24K Gold. Similarly 18K means 75% purity of Gold & so on. The term ‘Carat’ is a unit of weight, used to weigh…

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