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Is it Jarkan, Zircon, Zirconia ?

What is Jarkan Stone? Jarkan is the colloquial term derived from the English word- ‘Zircon’. Over course of

How to check if Gemstone is Real?

Gemstones are rare, precious and beautiful and thus come at very high price. But due to less awareness, one might end-up

Gemstone Treatments, Detection & Disclosure of Treatments in Gemstones

Gemstones are naturally occurring precious minerals, which are formed over millions of years under natural conditions. G

How To Buy Best Gemstone in Limited Budget?

Let us understand how price varies with Color, Transparency and Weight. If a gemstone has perfect color, it is consider

Significance of Weight (Ratti), Inclusions & Color of Gemstone in Astrology

The Rules of Astrology are clearly described in our ancient scriptures. Astrological Remedies are in the form of Mantra

Know Healing Crystals

Introduction to Crystals Crystals are found all over the world in a rainbow of colors & myriad forms. Many are stun

Gemstone Hardness & Durability

Hardness is a physical property of Gemstones. Hardness is the resistance or surface strength of the stone against scratc

Confused between Citrine (Sunela), Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Most of People get confused between similar looking stones like Citrine, Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire.  In Fa

Gemstone Weight Calculations

Worldwide the standard unit used for weighing diamonds and gemstones is metric carat. It takes its name from t

Gems & Crystals for Children

Healing Crystals Buy Healing Crystals in India Gemstones act like guiding light and lucky charm. Gemstones can p

About us

We, at Shubh Gems, are Passionate about Gemstones & Jewellery. We believe that Gemstones are God’s wonderful & beautiful gift to mankind. Shubh Gems deals in 100% Natural, Untreated & Best Quality Gem stones & Designer Jewellery. We have a team of Gem experts/Gemologists who collect best of Gemstones direct from Mines after careful examination. We have a collection of Rare to Rarest of Gemstones like Burmese Ruby, Columbian & Zambian Emeralds, Kashmir & Ceylon Sapphires, Australian Opal, South Sea & Basra Pearls etc. All Gemstones are certified by reputed Gem Testing Laboratory. So, with each Gemstone, you receive a Laboratory Report for the Authenticity of the Gemstone you buy. Each gemstone is graded very carefully on the Quality parameters, so that the customer gets the best value for money. Shubh Gems is a member of Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India (sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India). All our Gemstones are certified by Reputed & Trusted Gemological & Jewellery Institute (GJI), India. GJI is a Trusted Name for the last 20 years in the field of Gemology.   Read more.